Idioms can be difficult for many English language learners. This book is your answer to better understanding idioms, with clear examples of the idiom in use, with practice exercises for each idiom!

Why is this book different? 

Unlike dictionaries, which just give you the definition of the idioms, in this book you get the following: 

  • Definition: of the idiom 
  • 5 examples of the idiom in use: how it can be used in various grammatical structures and in different contexts. 
  • Exercises: Multiple choice exercises to test your understanding! 
  • Answers: At the end of the book you have answer to all the multiple choice exercises.

What you get:

  • 184 Page eBook
  • 168 idioms defined and explained
  • over 600 examples of idioms in use
  • over 600 multiple choice exercises, with answers, to test your understanding!

168 idioms defined and explained

168 idioms, which are most commonly used in the English language, have been carefully selected to help you use your English and better understand English idioms in use! Each idiom has been clearly defined to help you understand the meaning of the idiom. 

Over 600 examples of idioms in use

Not only have are you given a definition of the idiom, but each idiom has 5 examples of this in use so that you can see how it is used in a natural conversation. This will help you understand how this idiom is used, and enable you to use it when you are using your English!

Over 600 multiple choice exercises, with answers, to test your understanding!

There are over 600 multiple choice exercises in this e-book to test your knowledge and understanding of the idioms. You have multiple choice exercises with answers, so that you can track you progress and test yourself to see whether you have fully understood the idiom!

About the Author: 

Hi, I’m Adriana! I help ESL learners reach a high level of English fluency and proficiency! 

Through my teaching experience, I have noticed that many of my students are struggling to reach a high level of English fluency and proficiency. With over 10 years of teaching experience, I have helped over 1000 students all over the world to better communicate in English using idioms, and I would live to give you the same experience! 

I want you to also be successful in your English learning journey. That is why I have created this e-book to help you better understand and use English idioms! 

What students are saying:

“Adriana has written this book with great dedication and with understanding of the difficulties I have with the idioms. The examples she provided and the exercises have helped me better understand movies and podcasts! Great work Adriana”

Armando from Portugal

“This book has helped me not only understand the idioms, but also use the idioms. The exercises included have helped me use these idioms and finally understand native speakers”

Suzana Marjanic, a folklore researcher, Croatia

“This book has helped me understand movies better and be able to speak English more confidentially. I am able to use idioms more now when I am speaking in English, and when I am speaking with friends abroad! Thank you Adriana for such a great book.”

Mohammad, Engineer, Saudi Arabia

“The exercises really helped me to understand how to use the idioms. Adriana, you really did a great job of explaining the idioms, and helping me completely understand them all! Thank you for such a useful book!”

Maria, High school teacher, Russia

Learn and Use English idioms today!

This ebook will teach you the most important English idioms to allow you to have better communication skills and more advanced fluency!

Just imagine a few weeks from now being able to understand idioms in movies and using English idioms when you are using your English!